Disciple-Making for Dummies Scenarios

Disciple-Making for Dummies Scenarios © 2012 WF Cobb Truthbase.net DailyTruthbase.Blogspot.com

We make disciples by immersing folks in a realationship with God so that they move from Curious to Convinced...obedience...Crowned
COMMITTED Those who believed Jesus was the promised King, and who follow in spite of hardship, willing to pay the same price Jesus did to accomplish God's will for their lives. John 6:66...where shall we go You have the words of eternal life
Lk 14:26 does not hate...his own life; 27...carry his cross; 33....give up everything... and follow me cannot be my disciple
Jn 8:32...know the truth, and the truth will set you free; 13:35...love one another; 15:8... bear much fruit, so shall you be my disciples
CONFORMED Those who in the process of following Christ experience a transformation of values, attitudes, and actions, becoming like Christ. (See Survey of Discipleship) Matthew 28:19-20 ...teach to obey

Lk 8:14 heard, go, are choked with cares, riches, and pleasures of life, desire for other things (Mk 4:19) and bring no fruit to maturity.

We take Satan's temporal short-cuts to fulfilling our desires, as a means to attaining what we perceive as our greatest good (being deceived about the truth of attainment). We don't deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Jesus, lacking concern for knowing and doing God's will, and fear of the Lord (careful to observe to do what is pleasing and right in His sight). God resists the proud; gives grace to humble Js 4:6

We all have all the desires/temptations. The categorizations are just an aid for isolating the most dominant desires/values that prevent a disciple from developing and maturing (fruitful, reproductive). Enduring worth and value come from the daily denial of our desires to do what God desires. Mt 5:13 if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out...

I. Pride-Power (Pete); arrogant; knows it all, but not fruitful nor reproductive (no abiding); ego-centric not other-centered; no needs-disclosure, hiding needs/sin (because they don't want to look bad), insecure under the surface; self-absorbed; self-willed (their view of reality rules, not God's word); no submission nor teamwork; no dependence nor answered prayer, praise; easily angered, have to have things their way; no love/service; demonically deceived (Titus 3:3; Gal 6:7) ; going after it our way precludes going God's way.
Worth/value is found in: being the greatest (autonomy) rather than humbling serving others (Mk 10:45; Jn 13:13-17; Acts 28:3; 1Cor 13)

II. Significance-Success (Sally); try out oxen first Lk 14:19; workaholic, Type A; have to be/have/get the best (school, job, spouse, house, family); short-sighted worldling - no embracing of reward/glory (1Cor 6:9); not rich toward God (Lk 12:21); deceived by riches; driven to accomplish; people are a means to the end; no meaningful relationships (incl w/ God).
Worth/value is found in: affirmation from others (what they think of the facade) rather than affirmation from God (Mt 25:21; Lk 9:25)

III. Security-Safety (Sam); bury father first Lk 9:59; timid, no confidence/boldness, no risky faith; fear rejection/failure, overwork because they think everything depends n their efforts; cling to or hide behind family/spouse; no root nor convictions fall away; embrace/push program; no transparent relationships; want to be perceived as a good person; can't take criticism; easily offended/wounded; mulls over offensives;
Worth/value is Found in: depending upon ones own efforts rather than depending on God (Mt 6:11, 33; Phil 4:19)

IV. Pleasure (Patty); lazy; lustful; desire for other things; Lk 8:14; 14:20; fun orientation; use others in relationships; self-centered; immediate gratification/results; no plan to glorify God; no pain, nor gain; not willing to suffer; no self-evaluation; no concern for real needs of others; no deep honest relationships; no objectives and purposeful living (other than what tastes or feels good); no endurance.
Worth/value is found in: gratifying our temporal desires, rather than pleasing God and letting Him please us (Ps 16:11; 36:8)

V. Possessions/Contentment (Polly); cares of the world choke the word, unfruitful Lk 14:18 buy field; lots of effort expended upon temporal; gotta have (degree, job, money, spouse, house, family, two dogs, relationships); can't wait for or trust God to meet needs; doesn't believe that God gives what's best when it's best; lacks confidence in God's good provision; no sharing, possessive of the very things God requires us to be good stewards of (time, treasure, talents, truth, things, relationships, one's own life); doubt God's goodness, don't believe that the grain has to die to become fruitful, therefore don't die to self or desires, but hold onto them; tend not to use what they have for the glory of God and benefit of others, because they wouldn't have it to enjoy (God can't replace, if best);
Worth/value is found in: having things/attainments rather than having faith that God will give what's best when it's best (Ps 84:11; Lk 12:15; 1Tim 6:6)

Questions for Reflection/Discussion/Response:
1. Do all believers follow Christ on the narrow and difficult path to discipleship? Why? What are obstacles or pitfalls along the way?
2. Why do some people have their needs met by God and others don't? How do you account for two steps forward and one step back?
3. Can someone be cured or healed by just treating or managing symptoms? How do you discern the cause of a difficulty?
4. What happens if you try to implement a solution without understanding the problem? Why do we have a tendency toward pride?
5. How can/have you overcome the obstacles or gotten out of the pitfalls in your pursuit of Jesus? How can you help others do the same?

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