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Congratulations! If you started in Genesis 1 and finished at Revelation 22, you have just entered the ranks of the top 2% of believers who have read the entire Bible!

If you paid a little attention to what you were reading, you probably have a more accurate understanding of the Scriptures than the 90% of "professionals" (Pastors, Bible College and Seminary Professors, and Commentators) who have never read the entire Bible.

If you paid a lot of attention, and actually worked at:
  understanding the text;
  examining alternative viewpoints;
  looked up some words on your own;
  saw how the applications and "Nutshells" flowed from the text;
  meditated on how to apply the principles to your life;
  responded back to God in worshipful prayer and application;

then you have a guaranteed spot reserved for you in the Heavenly City! Congrats!
(Just don't backslide between now and then).

Now that you've learned and lived the truth, go love others with it.

To help, see the 7 Passages in the sidebar, beginning with "How to Study the Bible Like Sherlock Olmes" and learn how to teach others the truths you learn.

If you understand and are applying the passages, it's time to tackle a Book Study, like 1 Peter or Titus, so you can develop an exegetical outline in context.

Then it's time to start thinking about how God could use you to glorify Himself by helping develop a Body of Believers. That's what the Catacomb Church Victorious Christianity Blog is all about.

Oh, yeah, three more things. You might want to go over the posts from Revelations 19-22 and develop your own Biblical Theology from those texts, seeing what God stresses and emphasizes. At the conclusion of the Book, you'd expect the major points to be emphasized and repeated. If you're brave, and have a strong stomach, you can compare your findings with what is usually passed off as Christianity.

The second thing is to encourage at least one other person to read through Daily Truthbase with you, this upcoming year. In the near future I will start posting 10MinuteBible videos for each DTB post on YouTube, giving the highlights, for the literacy impaired. Get together with the person once a week to share what you're learning and thinking about what you're reading, and you're on your way to being a Catacomb Christian.

The third thing is implicit in the second thing, go through Daily Truthbase again, but this time put some comments on the blog and let me know what you think.