DailyTruthbase Pentateuch in Review

We're almost done with the Pentateuch, the Five/Penta Books of Moses, also called "The Law." This would be a good time to nail down your very own Biblical Theology according to Moses.

Review any of the posts/chapters you missed (especially the last two chapters Dt 28 and 29.

Then take five minutes and write out a couple of paragraphs describing God as revealed by His servant, Moses. What does He like/dislike? What did He do and what has He promised to do? What can we expect from Him? What does He want from us?

Then take anther five minutes and do the same for humankind  (in general, and His people specifically). Focus on what His chosen people are like, what He expects of them, what will happen if we do what He wants, and what will happen if we don't.

If you really want to validate your observations/conclusions, go back over each of the Nutshell sections under Digging Deeper. Verify that each reflects the emphasis of the Biblical texts from which they were drawn, and then synthesize them. Now you have an irrefutable view of  God as He has revealed Himself, not as men have imagined Him.

Finally, reflect on your life in light of His revelation, and respond in prayer, purposeful obedience, and praise. You're on your way to living Biblically!
(Angels are dancing.)

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