Week in Review

The above map was from yesterday's post, but I added it and a few others late, so you might have missed it if you subscribed to get the emails.

There were a number of long posts this week, some with Digging Deeper resources, so review and explore. Time invested in God's Word, yields rich dividends. What did you apply? There was a Guide to Application under the Joshua 1 post.  Tell someone at church how God's word influenced your life this week.
Don't forget to continue developing your Biblical Theology.
Think back over the chapters you read, and in your own words answer:
What does the Bible reveals about God. 
    What are His distinguishing and emphasized characteristics?
What does the Bible reveal about us and our responsibilities to God?       
    What does He expect and empower us to do?

Wrestle with the Predestination and Free Will question (tomorrow's sermon). It looks like God predetermined that Israel would get the land, but only the obedient got it. Think about it....

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