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If you go on the Blog, you will notice that Dr. Gerrit Kamp has put his Ph.D. to good use in programming a new subscription option. Thanks Gerrit!!
You can now sign up for DailyTruthbase anytime of the year and have the blog mailed to you beginning with Genesis 1. Not only that, for those of you like to take regular time off for backsliding, you can pause the emails until you repent.  :)

The best Christmas present ever: Give a subscription of DailyTruthbase to a friend. It's free (best price ever). Share the blog with someone who has never read the Bible, or who desires a better quiet time and deeper relationship with God, or wants to learn how to interpret the Scripture in its context. Better yet, make a commitment to discuss what you're both reading with your friend, as you encourage each other in the Lord (that's how David and Jonathan knit soul sweaters).

Week in Review
1Samuel covered the entire lives of  Samuel (last judge, first prophet), Saul (first king), and the rise of King David. The most obvious emphasis in the text is the rise of David and the fall of Saul. Both were chosen and initially blessed, yet one prospered in the most difficult of circumstances, and the other failed while being in a privileged position.
If you can't articulate why, go back and review the posts.
If you didn't get a chance to study the  PRAY acrostic  in David's life as viewed through the lenses of Psalms 27 and 31, you owe it to yourself to invest a little time there. Check out the observations under 1Sam 30.

The Nutshell sections help you build your own Biblical Theology, and broach the subject of why God doesn't make life easier for His people. If you can't wax eloquently on the subject, spend some time thinking about it. 2Sam 1 has a hint if you haven't figured it out on your own, or from reading this week's posts.

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