Observe an End Times Chart - Week in Review

It might be worthwhile to observe a chart of end time prophecies and look for connections and patterns. The Pre-millennial perspective is that Christ returns before the Millennium to set up His kingdom and rule for a thousand years on the earth. He thus fulfills, literally (with acknowledgement of literary devices) all the promises and covenants made to Israel. The Post-millennial perspective is that Christ returns after the church establishes His rule on the earth. The A-millennial perspective is that there is no future kingdom, but that it is here now, and no promises remain for Israel specifically as a nation in the Promised Land. Many opponents of the Pre-mil view will acknowledge that a consistent hermaneutic (approach to interpreting the Scripture) leads to the Pre-mil position, but that special rules apply to prophetic passages.  A consistent literal/literary approach recognizes figures of speech, and seeks to identify the specific truth underlying the figure, rather than say "Oh, it's just symbolic of good triumphing over evil." You can copy and blow up the charts for more detail The first is simple, the second more complex (it's been under Digging Deeper in the previous two posts),  and the third...well, you decide.
Questions to keep in mind: Why is God revealing this information?
How did He expect the original audience to respond to the revelation?
How do you respond to the revelation? 

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