Perspective on Priorities - Week in Review

Hopefully you didn't miss Haggai's perspective on priorities.

If your efforts aren't yielding the results you want, are you obeying Matthew 6:33? If you don't know the verse. Memorize it, today. Quote it to someone else tomorrow. It's easy to memorize, difficult to understand, and very difficult to consistently obey. If you want a hint to its meaning, know that the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5-7) is about being rewarded in the kingdom.

If you want help in getting your priorities straight, watch the two TOYL videos on, or just check out the Biblical Basis of TOYL under Priorities, then How To Glorify God, and finally, The Will of God sections.

If you're not that adventurous or a little confused, find a sermon on Haggai, or Priorities (most sermons given in early January have that theme) on, unless there's a good game on :)

If you have a sermon or resource that's been helpful to you in developing and deploying God-glorifying priorites, put the link or a note in the comment section. Thanks.

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  1. Ecclesiastes 1-3, 11-12 A Worthy Purpose

    Ecclesiastes gives the first-hand account of what happens when you don't do things for the glory God. Solomon saves us multiple lifetimes by pursuing various lifelong projects only to find them pointless. He shows us that it's not worth doing things for any other purpose, and that it is worth figuring out how what you do does glorify God (and if it doesn't, cease and desist). The book teaches the reader the value God's glory; no glory for God means no value for you.