Isaiah in Review

This week had some great selections from Psalm 119. Make sure you didn't miss them.
We finished Isaiah; some of the posts were long, but had the same basic application:
God will bless and curse as promised, so make sure you're doing what's right in His sight, pleasing Him rather than yourself, so you'll experience glory rather than grief.
Isaiah emphasized God's redemption and restoration of Israel, 

  • to fulfill His purpose for Her, 
  • of blessing her with light, glory, dominion, and prosperity; 
  • so she would be the primary nation on earth 
  • and draw other nations to God's salvation.

God wants all people to be saved, not just Israel. Isaiah gave insight to the Messiah's future rule of righteousness and justice, as well as God's plans for a new heaven and new earth.

God demands righteousness and justice and loyalty from His people at all times, and was disciplining Israel in Babylon for her failure to do what was right in His sight, as He will discipline all others in the future. Repentance and return to God results in His reward.

If you want to dig deeper, since we only got the bird's eye view, you could study the role of faith in response to God's provision and promises. In Isaiah it is more implicit than explicit (as it is in the NT). Another point to ponder is the destiny of those who don't obey in the future. I, for one, am concerned about obeying now, so I don't have to be concerned about what happens in the future to those who don't wholeheartedly obey.

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